Here’s How to Turn Your Mac Desktop into a Weather Window

Remember the old days when you had to go out to see what the weather was like? Well, Weather Dock, a desktop app for Mac, eliminates that need by placing a handy little icon in your Dock that can show you the current conditions, or a range of other information.

Of course, there’s nothing better than getting a little fresh air to find out what the weather is like outside your window. But if that’s not practical, the Weather Dock is a great stand-in. Once you download it from the Mac App Store, it automatically shows up on your dock. Allow it to know your location and it will bring up the current weather conditions immediately. Depending on the number of icons in your Dock, this can be a little difficult to see, as most Dock apps make each icon a bit smaller, but even so, you should be able to see at least the current temperature at a glance. . ,

However, things get really interesting when you click on the icon. Do this and you’ll be presented with a colorful grid showing you details about current conditions, the day’s forecast, and the weather outlook for the next three days. Included in the current conditions, you’ll find the temperature, wind speed, wind direction, rain accumulation, dew point, humidity, and sunrise and sunset times.

This is also where you can access the app’s Control Panel by going to Preferences in your toolbar under the name Weather Dock. This will allow you to choose what you want the dock icon to display: current conditions, today’s forecast, or tomorrow’s forecast. You can also set the font color and choose how fast you want its short animations to play.

Launching the Preferences panel also gives you the chance to upgrade to the Weather Dock for $2.99. Doing so removes ads, lets you see seven instead of three days’ forecast, gives you the ability to add additional locations, and provides three-day hourly forecasts. Fees are minimal and, if you want a quick, simple way to stay on top of the weather, there aren’t many better or more affordable ways to get there than with the full-featured version of this app. On the other hand, if you’re not a total weatherbug, the free version should work just fine.

For accuracy, the data used by the app is provided by The Weather Company, a new name for The Weather Channel. It is owned by IBM and is renowned for its accurate forecasting capability, so we found the data provided by the app to be very reliable.

Download Weather Doc from here

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