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If you are looking for VPN, you must have heard of at least one of these two names before. NordVPN And ExpressVPN the two largest vpn provider in the global market and are renowned for their premium quality and fast speeds.

Internet security is of utmost importance as the world becomes increasingly digital, and tools to protect your privacy become more important every day. Enter VPN, which is an easy way to hide from prying eyes and keep personal details hidden while surfing the web.

With this article, we’re going to compare NordVPN vs ExpressVPN to decide which service offers the best quality of all and which one is worth your money.




lowest price $8.32/month $3.67/month
server count 3,000+ 5,000+
country count 94 62
number of devices 5 6
money back guarantee 30 days 30 days
encoding 256-bit AES 256-bit AES
easy use 10/10 10/10
live help yes (24/7) yes (24/7)
Logging strict no-logging strict no-logging

What is NordVPN?

NordVPN This is the first example of a VPN provider becoming a downright household name. With its huge advertising budget, it has taken the world by storm, quickly becoming Most used VPN app around the worldI.

As you will see, NordVPN’s software goes for a excellent minimalistic design, bringing a mix of easy user access and efficient maneuvering to get you where you need it. It runs beautifully on all devices and is almost identical on different platforms with all the same features.

This is rare for most services, but extremely handy for freely switching between devices without having to remember a separate interface for each. This makes the process of using the VPN with different devices completely stress free,

You Can swap freely between any servers that NordVPN is available at any time. If you’re new to VPNs, Nord has it Fastest and most reliable servers If you’re not sure which server to choose, the default one for your location is selected as a way of recommending it to you. It’s also packed with tons of useful features you might need, like split-tunneling, killswitch, etc.

nordvpn speed

In testing, we were all certain that NordVPN’s The speed will be lightning-fast. Still, they managed to surprise us. The way a VPN works is almost always expected slow down your internet speed At least by a small margin. The speed of a VPN decides how much that margin actually is.

We tested on a connection that clocked in at around 100 Mbps with no VPN enabled. With Nord enabled on the fastest server for us, we ran the test again. NordVPN managed to pull a steady 94 Mbps, less than 10% drop in speed.

That kind of speed is unheard of for most services, usually around a 50%-30% drop. Not only that, but NordVPN Also offers alternative connection methods, such as Nord’s WireGuard protocol service, NordLinks. When testing with NordLynx, speeds were even more impressive, clocking in at a consistent 98 Mbps, and in some cases, going even higher than our original speed.

It is safe to say that NordVPN One of the, if not the fastest service currently on the market. Even if you manage to locate a location that isn’t near one of NordVPN’s 5000+ dedicated servers, testing on further locations never let our speed down 90 Mbps,

NordVPN User Feedback

On Reddit, real-life users of Nord praise it more than any other provider. backed by its reputation Trusted Experts and Hobbyists Equally those who have used the service over the years.

Whether you are brand new to the world of VPNs, or a seasoned veteran, you will find it hard to find a better all-purpose VPN than Nord.

You can do this download NordVPN Here.

What is ExpressVPN?

ExpressVPN There is a reputable service that is generally known as the fastest VPN available. it offers something really great features, As if Highly secure torrenting support And well optimized software For all major devices. It has a plethora of servers spread across nearly 100 countries, which means there are few places in the world where you’ll be hard pressed to find a close, quick connection.

Extremely easy to use with its software quick drop-down menu and easy to navigate settings. It has one of the lowest learning curves of any software we tested, which means you should be able to navigate and Customize VPN Like a Pro Within minutes of purchase. It Performs So Well You Can Skip ExpressVPN When you go about your business you run and don’t even notice it.

Like everything else about software, switching servers is fast, fluid, and reliable. We didn’t have a single crash or ‘infinite loading cycle’ like some services. However, should the need ever arise, the instant killswitch works perfectly, as well as any other feature you’d expect from a VPN (except, curiously, an adblocker).

expressvpn speed

One of ExpressVPN The claim to fame is the sharpest. While it may dominate most other services, is it really capable compared to NordVPN? we tested it on the same 100 Mbps Speed so that it can be detected.

First, we tested its speed with the recommended servers for the fastest connections. After some testing, we found ExpressVPN to be around . found to keep a constant speed of 92 Mbps, That’s less than 10%, which is excellent for any service! However, It doesn’t beat Nord’s lightning-fast speeds,

In the end, we tried using more servers. We were pleasantly surprised to see that even using servers on the other side of the world, ExpressVPN’s speed was not degraded by anything 85 Mbps, once again, Amazing speeds for any premium service, but just below Nord.

ExpressVPN User Feedback

similar to nord, ExpressVPN gets high praise on sites like Reddit, where users are actually willing to waive the high price tag in exchange for excellent service.

True, ExpressVPN is enough heavy price tag For that (its cheapest plan is a little under $100 a year), but if that doesn’t turn you away from trying it, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

You can do this download ExpressVPN Here.

Best VPN per Category

category vpn Decision
best vpn for windows While ExpressVPN Undoubtedly a high quality service, of nordvpn The software and servers run so smoothly on Windows that it would be an absolute crime to call it anything less The single best Windows VPN available.
Mac. best vpn for of nordvpn Highly optimized software and excellent reliability make it a The perfect pick for Mac users, The ability to choose your protocol to find your best fit also enables it to perform so much more smoothly on Mac devices than ExpressVPN.
Best VPN for Android Unfortunately for NordVPN, ExpressVPN speeds do not falter on any of their devices, delivering consistent speeds with mobile as well as desktop. NordVPN speeds up with Android devices, except a little hiccup ExpressVPN Here as the winner.
Best VPN for iOS Like with Android, ExpressVPN Wins with iOS devices in terms of speed, stability and consistency. While the features are nearly identical, NordVPN’s software and servers occasionally conflict with those of iOS mobile devices.
Best VPN for Torrenting ExpressVPN Provides airtight protection for P2P connections that is virtually unbeatable. While NordVPN’s Built-in security comes close, it only allows P2P for specific servers, and none of its protocols offer the level of security and performance that ExpressVPN does for torrenting.
Best Overall VPN While ExpressVPN Has defeated Nord in the mobile department, overall, of nordvpn The service has a lot to compete with on desktop devices. its Speed, reliability, performance and software features All Trump What ExpressVPN can offer, even if only by a small margin.

our decision

Overall, NordVPN This rivalry seems to be winning. However, it is important to note that ExpressVPN has some strengths over Nord, like its Torrenting and mobile support, While Express has some excellent versatility in its functions, NordVPN Is it green as an overall VPN. Its reputation in the VPN community doesn’t just stem from its huge advertising budget. It really deserves its praise.

That said, we cannot stress enough how incredible both of these services are. Each VPN is tailored to different users, and if ExpressVPN Looks like there’s a good chance it will better suit your interests. A big part of this comes down to preference, and we can assure you that both of these providers are well-versed when it comes to their premium quality.

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