Roadtrippers: Get out of town

Most travelers these days use their phones to navigate. Do a simple Google search on an address, and a detailed map with voice directions, nearby attractions, gas stations, restaurants, hotels and more is just a tap away. Still, there are companies that build additional features into mapping to try to stand apart from the reliable, but perhaps not so sexy Google Maps. Waze and Tripit are two examples, while Roadtrippers is yet another. So is it worth adding Roadtrippers to your crowded app drawer? Maybe.


The major advantage of Roadtrippers is its friendly, easy to navigate interface. When opening the app, you can tap the “Nearby” button and you’ll see large icons ranging from “Breakfast” to “Walking.” Tap any one of them and you’ll see what’s in your location in that category on the map. Tap Next and you’ll get destination details along with reviews and hours of operation, if available. In our tests, the app only provided useful information about 40 percent of the time.

Once you’ve chosen your destination, you can choose to “Start Trip,” which will take you to your phone’s mapping app, or “Navigate,” which takes you to a screen that shows you Roadtripper’s beta turn-by -Turn asks to download the navigation system. We can’t imagine why you would do this when your native mapping app should be just fine.

begin a journey

Where the Roadtrippers really shines is through the use of its “Start a Trip” function. Here you just enter a destination and choose which attractions you want to highlight along your route. You can choose to focus on anything you can find on a road trip, from national parks to nightlife. You can add and remove different categories to suit the focus of your trip, and the “Nearby” function is still available to show you what’s in your immediate area as you drive.

Roadtripper allows you to connect up to seven destinations along your route in the free version; Even more and you’ll need to upgrade to Roadtrippers Plus, which costs $29.99 per year.

Another great feature of Roadtrippers is the free guide section. These are articles built around a topic like “48 Hours in New York City” or “007’s America.” They can help you plan a unique vacation or you can enjoy them as fun armchair travel adventures.

roadtrippers available Online And as an iOS and Android app.

Download Roadtrippers App Here

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