Footage Shows Violent Altercation Between Quavo and Saweetie


Film of rappers Quavo and Saweetie having an actual fight in a lift has surfaced. The video, acquired by TMZ, shows the previous couple hooking over what gives off an impression of being an orange satchel. Saweetie endeavors to leave the lift with the situation when Quavo hauls her back in, tossing her to the ground. She stays on the ground for almost a moment, after which she seems to limp out of the lift after Quavo. A hotspot for TMZ claims the occurrence happened in 2020 at Saweetie’s North Hollywood high rise.

Saweetie started dating Quavo, who is 33% of Migos, in 2018. A GQ include about their relationship the previous summer painted a sweet, healthy representation of their adoration. “I sense that I’m developing and I’m developing a result of him — not the music, not Saweetie, but rather Diamonté … I don’t have the foggiest idea how I would be personally in the event that I couldn’t ever have met him,” Saweetie told the magazine at that point.

Bits of gossip about a split surfaced a little while prior, and a week ago Saweetie affirmed them, proposing betrayal. “I’ve suffered a lot treachery and harmed in the background for a bogus story to be coursing that corrupts my character,” she composed on Twitter. “Presents don’t bandage scars and the adoration isn’t genuine when the closeness is given to different ladies.” Quavo has denied the allegations, guaranteeing bogus stories himself.

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