Dynamo St. Petersburg’s Timur Faizutdinov kicks the bucket in the wake


A 19-year-old Russian hockey player has passed on subsequent to being hit in the head by a puck, his club reported in an explanation on Tuesday.

Timur Faizutdinov, a defenseman for Dynamo St. Petersburg’s lesser group, died today after he was harmed during a match in Yaroslavl, Russia, on March 12.

“Timur Faizutdinov was harmed on March 12 in Yaroslavl during a match against Lokomotiv. The puck hit the head territory, the player was hospitalized in genuine condition. Specialists battled for his life for three days,” the assertion said.

Dynamo said forthcoming games sometime in the afternoon and before very long will start with a moment of quietness for Faizutdinov.

The assertion finished with the words: “Perpetually at Dynamo. Everlastingly in our souls.”

Defenceman Timur Faizutdinov was playing for Dynamo St. Petersburg’s lesser group in a season finisher game against Loko Yaroslavl on Friday when he was struck by a puck hit from the nonpartisan zone.

Faizutdinov fell and was treated in the ice by the group specialist and paramedics prior to being taken to a clinic in the city of Yaroslavl.

The Junior Hockey League said Faizutdinov kicked the bucket Tuesday after “specialists battled for Timur’s life throughout the span of three days.”

Dynamo said impending games in rivalries, including the Kontinental Hockey League, will start with brief’s quiet for Faizutdinov.

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